Friday, 22 April 2011

3 Comfortable But Stylish Outfits.

Some people try to look comfortable when they dress and end up looking like slobs. Some try to be stylish but end up looking overdressed. I have some tips on how to comfy but stylish at the same time.
  1. Wearing a bright cotton top, a pair of well tailored jeans and a neutral blazer is very comfy. The cotton top is comfy because cotton is a very good material for clothes as it does not itch you or make you uncomfortable(most of my stuff are comfy).Jeans should be well tailored and firm on you so you don't have to keep dragging them on when they slither down.
  2. Another thing I like is wearing a loose knit sweater with black jeans and a pair of black wedges. Loose kit sweaters are good because they are free and you won't feel hot in them.Wedges are great because they are not like heels that shake. They are firm on the ground.
  3. I love wearing a cotton t-shirt with leggings and flats. You can add some cute accessories and layer it with a vest.It just makes you happy and cute at the same time. Leggings are great on anyone.
As you can see, there are different ways to look stylish and comfy.Practise them and become a style star.

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